These fans are known by many names. “Storm Fan” “Barn Stormer” “Hi-Velocity Fan”. No matter what you call them, a Cyclone Fan is an essential component of a good dairy barn ventilation system.

Cyclone fans are a type of recirculation fan. This means that they take air that is already in the barn, and blow it back down on the cows, increasing the air speed at the cow level. This increased air speed is critical for cooling cows.

Cyclone’s are unique in that they have louvers to direct and deflect the air flow. The louvers allow us to ensure that the air speed is concentrated at the cow level, maximizing the and effectiveness of the fan.

They are application-specific, and are the best choice as long as you have the clearance (with a 72” for example, you need a min of 5.8-6m From roof to ground, where with a panel fan you only need 4.5-5m) for freestall barns.

While they cost approximately 7% more than a panel fan, they are more effective and directing air to where it needs to be. In some applications, like a holding yard, they end up being cheaper than a smaller fan due to saved costs in wiring and energy consumption.

Okay, so what else?

High Air Velocities: Evidence shows that air velocities of 3m/sec at cow level (approximately 1m above the floor) provide the best cooling for cows. Low airspeeds are less effective and will cause heat stress during warm days.

Unique Design: Our Cyclone Fans have purpose-shaped deflectors at the air discharge point. This design focuses the airflow directly toward individual cows while covering their entire bodies while resting in their stalls. If correct sized fan is used and at the right distance.

EC Motors: Cyclone fans with Electronically Commutated (EC) motors integrate seamlessly into smart barn systems, providing real-time insights, reducing electric bills, and enhancing overall farm operations. With an IE5 efficiency rating, our Cyclone’s use the most efficient motor on the market.

Our Cyclone fans are purpose-built for the Dairy Industry and are the highest quality dairy-developed fans in the world. We manufacture “in-house” at our state-of-the-art factory in China, and we oversee the whole process from design to delivery. This means we have complete oversight of quality control, and you will have a ventilation system built specifically for the rigors of the dairy barn.

So, whether it’s breaking the air barrier & ensuring optimal cooling, or reducing noise & moisture in the barn, Cyclone Fans play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for dairy cows & dairy people! 🐄