We draw on the decades of experience on our team to design world class ventilation systems.

Our team has designed ventilation systems across the globe, and in every type of climate condition. Our systematic & consultative approach to ventilations design will ensure that we are able to provide a system that works for your cows and people.

There are multiple steps to designing a proper ventilation system, and we will partner with you along each step of the journey.

Site Assessment
A thorough site assessment will give us the information needed to determine the correct ventilation strategy to employ.

Define the Targets
Based on the site assessment and climate conditions, we will determine the parameters and targets that we need achieve to keep your cows cool and healthy

System Design and Equipment Selection
Once the parameters have been set, we will create a list of the equipment that is needed to meet those targets.

Equipment Installation and Support
We will work with your team to ensure a smooth installation process from start to finish.

Ongoing Support
Our team is dedicated to your success, and will continue to work with you through the lifecycle of your project

Questions about Ventilation & Cooling?