How much do YOU know about cows?

True or False: Cows are color blind.

How much water does the average cow drink per day?

Why do Cows "moo" loudly when they find food?

The worlds oldest cow lived to be what age?

True or False: Cows have teeth on the upper & lower front part of their mouths

Approximately how many different breeds of cows are there in the world?

Can cows see in the dark?

On average, how much food do cows eat each day?

On average, how much milk can a dairy cow produce each day?

True or False- Cows have a very poor sense of smell

On average, how much deep sleep does a cow get per day?

On average, how fast can a cow run?

How many different breeds of Dairy Cow are there in North America?

True or False- All cattle have horns?

What is the reason bulls have horns? (Select all that apply)

What degree of sight do cows have?

On average, how any times does a cow chew per minute?